Features Explained

For Your Website

The tours are extremely quick and easy to embed into your website via a custom “iframe” embed link. It takes under 2 minutes to do, and is just as easy as embedding a YouTube video. The tours are also fully mobile compatible!


For even further value our tours can also be embedded into Facebook via a custom (and free-of-charge) app – enabling you to further promote your business/property to the millions of users on Facebook effortlessly!

Virtual Reality

Every tour can be made fully VR compatible to be used with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift – creating an incredible sales tool to show off your business at exhibitions and attract people to your stand like nothing else does.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu at the bottom of the tour enables users to move instantly to any room/area within your tour – extremely useful to help users find their way around your property and focus on what areas matter most to them.

Floor Plan View

Our Floor Plan View, translates our virtual tour View into a perfect ‘bird’s eye view’ of each floor of your property – enabling users to instantly understand your venue’s layout click to view any area from there!


Hot-Spots provide interactive functionality to display any content or information throughout your virtual tour, such as images, videos, brochures or download links. Great for highlighting key features and additional service you provide!


Within our tours, we can create an Autoplay journey throughout your venue, enabling users to simply click to play, and be taken on a full tour of your venue through (without the need to navigate from room to room themselves)!

Measurements and Floor Plans

Through our state of the art imaging and infrared technology, we can provide millimetre perfect measurement and floorplans of your property. Perfect for estate agents, venues for hire or hotels that want to showcase their size and layout.